Dynamische Biomaterialien

We study and orchestrate how synthetic materials interact with living cells. We engineer cell-instructive environments and material-based solutions for zero-waste therapeutic solutions

Our group develops hydrogel materials with programmed and tunable properties designed to encapsulate and instruct living cells. We study how living cells and inert matter interact and how these interactions can be exploited to direct cellular functions and ultimately result in therapeutic advantages. We cooperate with synthetic biologists, biophysicists, drug developers and clinicians to explore the application potential of our developments, with a focus on new materials for ophthalmic drug delivery. We contribute to INM’s competence fields opto-interactive and bio-intelligent materials. Our research addresses biomedical needs.

Prof. Dr. Aránzazu del Campo
Prof. Dr. Aránzazu del Campo
Leiterin Dynamische Biomaterialien
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Dr. Aleeza Farrukh
Leiterin Biomedizinische Materialien
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Hydrogels with latent properties

By integrating phototriggers and light-responsive molecular motors in polymeric networks, we develop 4D hydrogels with optoregulated (bio)chemical activity, crosslinking, degradation, or mechanoactuation. These are used for biophysical studies of cell response to changes in the biochemical and mechanical signals of the extracellular environment.

Model Cellular Microenvironments

We build synthetic models of cell-matrix and cell-cell interfaces with encoded biochemical, mechanical and dimensional signals. To accelerate discovery, we develop material microarrays for high-throughput biophysical experimentation and apply them to study multifactorial cell responses.

Living Therapeutic Devices

We develop bioinks and apply biofabrication technologies for functional and safe encapsulation of cells in medical devices. We focus on self-replenishable living therapeutic materials which integrate drug biofactories and have unlimited therapeutic release. We aim for innovation in ocular therapeutics with living, self-replenishable drug-eluting contact lenses.



Self-Lubricating, Living Contact Lenses

Puertas-Bartolomé, María | Gutierrez-Urrutia, Izabook | Teruel-Enrico, Lara Luana | Nguyen Duong, Cao | Desai, Krupansh | Trujillo, Sara | Wittmann, Christoph | del Campo, Aránzazu

Advanced Materials , 2024, 36 (27), 2313848.

OPEN ACCESS Weiterlesen
Biofunctional Polyacrylamide Hydrogels using Tetrazole-Methylsulfone Comonomer for Thiol Conjugation
OPEN ACCESS Weiterlesen
PIEZO1-mediated mechanosensing governs NK-cell killing efficiency and infiltration in three-dimensional matrices

Yanamandra, Archana K. | Zhang, Jingnan | Montalvo, Galia | Zhou, Xiangda | Diedenweg, Doreen | Zhao, Renping | Sharma, Shulagna | Hoth, Markus | Lautenschläger, Franziska | Otto, Oliver | del Campo, Aránzazu | Qu, Bin

European Journal of Immunology , 2024, 54 (3), e2350693.

OPEN ACCESS Weiterlesen
Actin-templated Structures: Nature's Way to Hierarchical Surface Patterns (Gecko's Setae as Case Study)

Kasper, Jennifer Y. | Laschke, Matthias W. | Koch, Marcus | Alibardi, Lorenzo | Magin, Thomas M. | Niessen, Carien M. | del Campo, Aránzazu

Advanced Science , 2024, 11 (10), 2303816.

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Rheological behavior of Pluronic/Pluronic diacrylate hydrogels used for bacteria encapsulation in engineered living materials
OPEN ACCESS Weiterlesen
Engineered living materials for the conversion of a low-cost foodgrade precursor to a high-value flavonoid

Riedel, Florian | Puertas Bartolomé, María | Teruel Enrico, Lara Luana | Fink-Straube, Claudia | Dong, Nguyen Cao | Gherlone, Fabio | Huang, Ying | Valiante, Vito | del Campo, Aránzazu | Sankaran, Shrikrishnan

Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology , 2023, 11

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Cytocompatibility evaluation of PEG-methylsulfone hydrogels
OPEN ACCESS Weiterlesen
In vitro evaluation of immune responses to bacterial hydrogels for the development of living therapeutic materials

Yanamandra, Archana K. | Bhusari, Shardul | del Campo, Aránzazu | Sankaran, Shrikrishnan | Qu, Bin

Biomaterials Advances , 2023, 153 213554.

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Encapsulation of bacteria in bilayer Pluronic thin film hydrogels: A safe format for engineered living materials
OPEN ACCESS Weiterlesen
Gelation Kinetics and Mechanical Properties of Thiol-Tetrazole Methylsulfone Hydrogels Designed for Cell Encapsulation

Miguel-Jiménez, Adrián de | Ebeling, Bastian | Paez, Julieta I | Fink-Straube, Claudia | Pearson, Samuel | del Campo, Aránzazu

Macromolecular Bioscience , 2022, 23 (2), 2200419.

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