LSC talk: Publishing in Nature journals

Lecture abstract:
After a brief introduction to Springer Nature and the Nature Portfolio — the brand behind the ‘Nature journals’ — I will provide an overview of the inner workings of a Nature research journal, with Nature Physics as an example.  I will focus on the editorial process at a Nature research journal, explain the roles of editors and discuss editorial criteria for publication.  Along the way, I will give some advice on how to present research.  I will also reflect on the ever-evolving role of scientific publishers and, particularly, on the ongoing transition to fully open access publishing.

Speaker bio:
Bart obtained his PhD in physics from the University of Antwerp with a dissertation on fullerene-based materials. He joined Nature Physics in 2013 after post-doctoral stays at the Research Centre Jülich and the Universities of Antwerp, Paris-Sud and Würzburg, during which he worked mainly on structure-property relationships in carbon materials. At Nature Physics, Bart originally handled manuscripts on topics from condensed-matter physics, fluid dynamics and plasma physics.  He also launched a column called ‘Measure for Measure’ on aspects of metrology.  In 2017, Bart moved to Berlin to become Regional Executive Editor for the newly established Nature Portfolio office in Germany, which he helped develop as an editorial and publishing hub with a focus on local outreach. Since 2021, he combines that capacity with the role of Senior Consulting Editor at Nature Physics, where he covers soft-condensed-matter physics and has a consulting role for Nature Communications.–verberck/16275092