International Conference: Living Materials 2020

12.02.2020 Aula der Universität des Saarlandes
12.02.2020 , Aula der Universität des Saarlandes

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INM / Dynamic Biomaterials Group

  • Prof. Dr. Aránzazu del Campo, Scientific Director and Head of Dynamic Biomaterials
  • Dr. Shrikrishnan Sankaran, Head of Bioprogrammable Materials


A new paradigm in material synthesis is emerging, in which living cells are used as active components in man-made materials to augment non-living matter with life-like capabilities. “Living Materials” promise to change the way we design technological and medical devices, and open infinite possibilities for programmable functions. Self-ventilating sportswear, bio-syncretic robots, self-renewing bioremediation devices, biosensing tattoos, personalized drug delivery systems or self-healing concrete walls are just a few examples.

This conference will provide an open forum for sharing recent advances and discussing current challenges and potential of Living Materials among experts and newcomers in the field.  It will gather leading scientists and industrial partners, and tackle fundamental science and application-oriented approaches. The event will be organized with a max. of 100 participants.

Session Topics

  • Compatibilization of living components with non-living matrices
  • Processing technologies for fabricating Living Materials
  • Programming living materials with synthetic biology tools
  • Technical application scenarios for Living Materials
  • Special focus session: Living Therapeutic Materials
  • Discussion forum: Risks, regulatory issues and future of Living Materials