Structural and optical properties of TZO thin films

In this paper, the synthesis route and growth mechanism of ZnO nanowhiskers and multipods are investigated. A simple chemical deposition route is used to synthesize tin doped zinc oxide (TZO) nanostructures using a horizontal quartz furnace. To study the effect of tin doping on the morphology of ZnO thin film, nanostructures with different morphologies and sizes were grown on silicon wafers and ITO substrates using thermal evaporation of a mixture of zinc, tin, and graphite powders at 1000 °C in a pure oxygen atmosphere. Structural studies of the synthesized ZnO nanostructures were done by means of XRD, SEM, and HRTEM. An XRD graph confirmed the formation of a pure ZnO phase. The SEM and HRTEM images exhibited nanowhiskers with dimensions of an average width of 100 nm and a few micrometers in length. The photoluminescent properties of these structures were also investigated where it shows strong blue-green emission at room temperature for the samples doped with tin.