Indium doped zinc oxide nanopowders for transparent conducting coatings on glass substrates

Crystalline indium doped zinc oxide (IZO) nanopowders were synthesized using hydrothermal treatment processing. Increasing the doping ratio of indium in the zinc oxide significantly influences the phase structure and shape of the nanopowders resulting in nanorod to nanoparticulate morphologies. As the doping profile increases, the crystallite size decreases, the band gap energy blue shifts and the specific surface area increases (measured by BET method). Additionally Raman spectroscopy exhibited shifts of several peaks, as well as revealed new peaks, confirming the substitution of indium ions within the zinc oxide lattice sites. An IZO suspension made of IZO nanoparticles (In/Zn = 3 atm.%) with a zeta potential greater than 30 mV at pH = 6 was successfully spin-coated on glass substrates for to make transparent conductive coatings evincing sheet resistances as low as 35 kΩ□(ρ = 4.9× 10−3Ω m,) with transmission in the visible range as high as 90 %.