A tandem of GC-MS and electroanalysis for a rapid chemical profiling of bacterial extracellular matrix

Herein an assay toward a rapid and reliable profiling of extracellular matrix of Escherichia coli (E. coli) utilizing a tandem of GC-MS as a tool for definition of the exact chemical nature of low molecular weight compounds and cyclic voltammetry for their high throughput detection is presented. Briefly, during a set of investigations the formation of glycerol in the extracellular matrix (ECM) of E. coli at physiological relevant conditions of cells was revealed. Based on the obtained knowledge, the electrochemical protocol allowing both qualitative and quantitative analyses of glycerol in E. coli ECMs at palladium ink-modified screen printed electrodes with precision values (RSD) <10 % and recovery rates ranged from 98 % to 102 % was proposed. The provided protocol for a rapid electrochemical profiling of the bacterial ECMs can readily be used as a guideline for the controlled electroanalysis of target electroactive signaling analytes in complex biological samples.