A coupled model of transport-reaction-mechanics with trapping, Part II: Large strain analysis

A coupled finite strain chemo-transport-mechanical formulation with trapping is here proposed to extend a previous work set in the realm of small strain theory in continuum mechanics. The theory is rooted in non-equilibrium rational thermodynamics. The kinematics is based on a multiplicative decomposition of the deformation gradient to account for swelling and shrinking, thermal, elastic and inelastic contributions. Mass balance laws and balance of linear and angular momentum, as well as the laws of thermodynamics for a convecting body, are directly formulated in their material description, after specifications of some standard transformation rules between current and reference configuration. Thermodynamic restrictions are identified based on the functional dependence of the referential Helmholtz free energy density, which is chosen as the thermodynamic potential, and further subjected to a constitutive additive decomposition. Constitutive prescriptions for the chemical potentials, referential heat and mass fluxes, chemical kinetics and the generalized heat equation lead to the establishment of the governing equations. The theoretical framework is complemented by numerical simulations, highlighting the potential of the proposed formulation in multi-physics applications.