Dr. Cui, Jiaxi
Dr. Jiaxi Cui
Leiter Schaltbare Mikrofluidik
Tel.: +49 (0)681-9300-350

hat an der Peking University Chemie studiert und am Max-Planck-Institut für Polymerforschung, Mainz, und in Harvard gearbeitet. Gegenstand seiner Doktorarbeit an der Peking University waren Polymerchemie und supramolekulare Materialien. Seit 2015 leitet er die Forschungsgruppe Schaltbare Mikrofluidik.


Beitrag in referierter Zeitschrift

Wang, HongHe, YanyangLi, YuqiZhang, ChonghuaZhang, PeishengCui, JiaxiLong, YunfeiChen, ShuZeng, RongjinChen, Jian. Selective ratiometric fluorescence detection of hypochlorite by using aggregation-induced emission dots. Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry 2019, 411 (10), 1979–1988.
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Beitrag in übriger Zeitschrift

Cui, Jiaxi. H-bonding hydrogel: Self-healing, stretchable and sticky - H-bindendes hydrogel: Selbstheilend, dehnbar und haftend. Galvanotechnik 2016, 107 (9), 1930-1934.

Vortrag (eingeladen)

Cui, Jiaxi. Crystal/polymer hybrid hydrogels: force sensitivity and property post modulation. 2018 Materials Research Society (MRS) : Spring Meeting, April 2-6, 2018,
Cui, Jiaxi. More than self-healing: molecule-transport and interconversion in dynamic polymer gels. Sino-German Symposium on "Polymers and Interfaces: construction, Characterization and Functionalization", November 07-09, 2018,
Cui, Jiaxi. Transport and conversion of liquid in dynamic polymer networks. Brazilian-German Frontiers of Science and Technology Symposium, October 08-11, 2018,
Cui, Jiaxi. Dynamic polymer materials to make multifunctional gels. Academic Forum for Graduate Students, June 22, 2016, Nanjing University
Cui, Jiaxi. Liquid droplets-embedded polymer materials. July 05, 2016, Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST)
Cui, Jiaxi. Localization of liquid droplets in polymer matrices by evaporative lithography. Academic Forum fro 120th Birthday of Sichuan University, June 23. 2016, Chengdu
Cui, Jiaxi. Localization of liquid droplets in polymer matrixes by evaporative lithography. Sino-German Youth Symposium "Functional Interfaces: Preparation and Characterization", November 07, 2016, Peking University
Cui, Jiaxi. Multifunctional gel materials made of dynamic polymers. Colloquium of Soft Mater Materials, March 10, 2016, Peking University
Cui, Jiaxi. When Mr. Bioinspired idea meet Miss Dynamic polymers: synthesis, characterization, and application. GCCD Workshop for Polymer, March 19, 2016, Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research (MPIP)


Cui, Jiaxi. Bioinspired slippery surface for friction reduction and self-cleaning. April 10, 2017, Chinese Academy of Sciences / Institute of Chemistry, Beijing
Cui, Jiaxi. Earthworm-inspired rough polymer coatings: adaptive drag-reduction and stainless surfaces. 29th GCCCD® Annual Conference - 17th Parallel Forum of 2017 CIESC Annual Meeting, October 14, 2017, Hamburg
Cui, Jiaxi. Earthworm-inspired rough polymer coatings: adaptive drag-reduction and stainless surfaces. Polymer Symposium of China, October 10-14, 2017, Chengdu
Cui, Jiaxi. Mimicking earthworm skin by secretion polymer coatings for drag-reduction. April 10, 2017, Peking University Beijing
Cui, Jiaxi. Molecule-transport in dynamic crosslinked polymer materials. Experimental Physics Seminar, November 17, 2017, Saarland University, Saarbrücken
Cui, Jiaxi. Stimuli-responsive secretion for controlling surface and optical properties. International Workshop on Bionic Engineering IWBE 2017, June 13-16, 2017, Denkendorf
Cui, Jiaxi. Dynamic polymer systems with self-regulated secretion: localizing the liquid-secretion. Next generation of biotechnological processes – Biotechnology 2020+, October 11-12, 2016, Leibniz Institute for Natural Product Research and Infection Biology /Hans Knöll Institute


Cui, Jiaxi. Self-growing polymer materials. : June 24-29, 2018