One-Pot Synthesis of Copper Iodide-Polypyrrole Nanocomposites

A novel one-pot chemical synthesis of functional copper iodide-polypyrrole composites, CuI-PPy, has been proposed. The fabrication process allows the formation of nanodimensional metal salt/polymer hybrid structures in a fully controlled time- and concentration-dependent manner. The impact of certain experimental conditions, viz., duration of synthesis, sequence of component addition and concentrations of the intact reagents on the structure, dimensionality and yield of the end-product was evaluated in detail. More specifically, the amount of marshite CuI within the hybrid composite can be ranged from 60 to 90 wt.%, depending on synthetic conditions (type and concentration of components, process duration). In addition, the conditions allowing the synthesis of nano-sized CuI distributed inside the polypyrrole matrix were found. A high morphological stability and reproducibility of the synthesized nanodimensional metal-polymer hybrid materials were approved. Finally, the electrochemical activity of the formed composites was verified by cyclic voltammetry studies. The stability of CuI-PPy composite deposited on the electrodes was strongly affected by the applied anodic limit. The proposed one-pot synthesis of the hybrid nanodimensional copper iodide-polypyrrole composites is highly innovative, meets the requirements of Green Chemistry and is potentially useful for future biosensor development. In addition, this study is expected to generally contribute to the knowledge on the hybrid nano-based composites with tailored properties.