Growth and characterization of wurtzite ZnO nanocombs and nanosaws

Using direct oxidation of Zn powder as a source material, zinc oxide comb and saw structures were fabricated by vapor phase transport and condensation. X-ray diffraction pattern showed that the samples had a wurtzite crystal structure. Different structures such as comb-like nano- and microstructures and saw-like structures have been studied by scanning electron microscopy. ZnO comb-like nanostructures with an average size of 15–20 nm and 50 nm were observed, as well as comb-like and saw-like microstructures. Photoluminescence (PL) spectra of these ZnO samples at room temperature were discussed. PL spectra showed strong UV and green emissions that indicate their possible application in optoelectronic devices. Also, the I–V behavior of a single nanowire was investigated. Approximately linear current versus voltage was observed for this nanowire, which showed good ohmic contacts to structure.