Coarse-Grained Models out of Equilibrium

12.09.2022 11:00 Prof. Tanja Schilling
12.09.2022 11:00 Prof. Tanja Schilling

Prof. Tanja Schilling
Universität Freiburg


Active matter, responsive materials and materials under time-dependent load are systems out of thermal equilibrium. To construct coarse-grained models for such systems, one needs to integrate out a distribution of microstates that evolves in time. This is a challenging task. In this talk, we review recent developments in theoretical approaches to the non-equilibrium coarse-graining problem, in particular, time-dependent projection operator formalisms and numerical schemes to construct explicitly time-dependent memory kernels.
As an applied example, we discuss the crystalization process from an undercooled liquid.

Gastgeberin: Dr. Lola González-García

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