Workshop on the visOA project

On November 27, 2019, a workshop will take place within the framework of the project Visualisation of Open Access Publications in the Reference Instruments of a Library – visOA at the INM – Leibniz Institute for New Materials.

Libraries are important actors in the transformation process. The aim of the visOA project is to place Open Access publications more strongly in the perception of publishing academics and researchers and thus to support the establishment of the Open Access concept. Infrastructures and measures have been developed and established which allow the enrichment of the reference instruments of a library (OPAC and Discovery System) with Open Access publications and ensure their clear labelling. In addition, a virtual magazine display (vidijo) was specially programmed for Open Access journals. The visOA project is complemented by accompanying scientific research. The developed solutions will be offered to other libraries for subsequent use.

For more information please see the German website: