20.08. 2019
Colloquium: 16:00 - 17:00
20.08. 2019

The Role Of Charge-Transfer Interactions In Electrochemical Separations: Tunability And Selectivity

12. August 2019 11:01:

Here you can see our publications in June.

11. July 2019 11:47:

Here you can see our publications in May.

Why Deep-Sea Dragonfish Have Transparent Teeth
06. June 2019 11:40:

In a recent study, scientists from the INM and from America examined the teeth of the deep-sea dragon fish Aristostomias scintillans. They found that the teeth have evolved to reduce light scattering and effectively remove the fish’s wide-open mouth.

06. June 2019 10:21:

Here you can see our publications in April.

Dr. Paez, Julieta Irene 1
29. May 2019 10:13:

The Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) will support the chemist Dr. Julieta Paez and a PhD student to develop green crosslinking reactions to form polymeric networks.

Annual Report 2018 1
06. May 2019 13:28:

The annual report 0f 2018 has been published.

30. April 2019 10:40:

Here you can see our publications in March.

INM expertise clarifies cause of slight blue discoloration of drinking water in the Heidelberg area
29. April 2019 09:10:

The Physical Analytics Group at the INM succeeded in explaining why drinking water in the community of Dossenheim (Rhein-Neckar Kreis) just outside Heidelberg had a slightly blue color some time ago: the reason was a distribution of nanoscopic, completely harmless lime particles.

17. April 2019 11:30:

In cooperation with the Saarland University Hospital, the INM has developed bioinspired adhesive structures for the treatment of eardrum injuries. The adhesive structures are now to be transferred into a biomedical product.

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