Chemical Analytics

The service group Chemical Analytics offers a broad range of analytical services in the fields of chromatography, mass spectrometry and atomic spectrometry for the research departments of INM, for groups of the university of Saarland and external costumers. In addition to the identification and quantification of your analytes, we optimize established methods according to your requirements and develop special analytical solutions to your specifications. Our analytical equipment includes instrumental methods like Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (GC/MS), Liquid chromatography (HPLC) with different detectors (RID, DAD and ESI-MS). Atomic spectrometric methods like Atomic Absorption Spectrometry (AAS) with Flame (FAAS) and Graphite Furnace (GFAAS) Atomisation, Optical Emission Spectrometry with Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP OES) and CHNOS analyses are also available. Our new High-Resolution Sector-Field ICP-MS quantifies analytes down to the lower ppt-range and the determination of isotope ratios and Single Particle analysis are also possible.

Aleeza-Farrukh, INM – Leibniz-Institut für Neue Materialien gGmbH
Dr. Claudia Fink-Straube
Head of Chemical Analytics
Telefon: +49 (0)681-9300-392
Team Members
Phone: +49 (0)681-9300-392
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Phone: +49 (0)681-9300-117


Mechanistic aspects of glycerol oxidation on palladium electrocatalysts in model aqueous and fermentation media solutions

Silina, Yulia E. | Butyrskaya, E. V. | Koch, Marcus | Fink-Straube, Claudia | Korkmaz, Nuriye | Levchenko, M. G. | Zolotukhina, E. V.

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Towards controlled and simple design of non-enzymatic amperometric sensor for glycerol determination in yeast fermentation medium

Zolotukhina, Ekaterina V. | Butyrskaya, Elena | Fink-Straube, Claudia | Koch, Marcus | Silina, Yuliya E.

Analyticcal and bioanalytical chemistry , 2024, 416 3619-3630.

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Engineered living materials for the conversion of a low-cost foodgrade precursor to a high-value flavonoid

Riedel, Florian | Puertas Bartolomé, María | Teruel Enrico, Lara Luana | Fink-Straube, Claudia | Dong, Nguyen Cao | Gherlone, Fabio | Huang, Ying | Valiante, Vito | del Campo, Aránzazu | Sankaran, Shrikrishnan

Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology , 2023, 11

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A tandem of GC-MS and electroanalysis for a rapid chemical profiling of bacterial extracellular matrix

Silina, Yuliya E. | Zolotukhina, E. V. | Koch, Marcus | Fink-Straube, Claudia

Electroanalysis , 2023, 35 (11), e202300178.

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SEC14-GOLD protein PATELLIN2 binds IRON-REGULATED TRANSPORTER1 linking root iron uptake to vitamin E

Hornbergs, Jannik | Montag, Karolin | Loschwitz, Jennifer | Mohr, Inga | Poschmann, Gereon | Schnake, Anika | Gratz, Regina | Brumbarova, Tzvetina | Eutebach, Monique | Angrand, Kalina | Fink-Straube, Claudia | Stühler, Kai | Zeier, Jürgen | Hartmann, Laura | Strodel, Birgit | Ivanov, Rumen | Bauer, Petra

Plant Physiology , 2023, 192 (1), 504-526.

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A rapid in vitro electrochemical screening of extracellular matrix of Saccharomyces cerevisiae by palladium nanoparticles-modified electrodes

Silina, Yulia E. | Fink-Straube, Claudia | Koch, Marcus | Zolotukhina, E. V.

Bioelectrochemistry , 2023, 149 108283.

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Gelation Kinetics and Mechanical Properties of Thiol-Tetrazole Methylsulfone Hydrogels Designed for Cell Encapsulation

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The development of alginate-based amperometric nanoreactors for biochemical profiling of living yeast cells

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Bioelectrochemistry , 2022, 145 108082.

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Comparative Transcriptomics of Lowland Rice Varieties Uncovers Novel Candidate Genes for Adaptive Iron Excess Tolerance

Kar, Saradia | Mai, Hans-Jörg | Khalouf, Hadeel | Ben Abdallah, Heithem | Flachbart, Samantha | Fink-Straube, Claudia | Bräutigam, Andrea | Xiong, Guosheng | Shang, Lianguang | Panda, Sanjib Kumar | Bauer, Petra

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Towards one-step design of tailored enzymatic nanobiosensors

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Analyst , 2020, 145 (3), 1014-1024.

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