M.Sc. Christian Müller

Research Scientist
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Significance of elastic coupling for stresses and leakage in frictional contacts

Müller, Christian | Müser, Martin H. | Carbone, Giuseppe | Menga, Nicola

Physical Review Letters , 2023, 131 156201.

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Revealing the coaction of viscous and multistability hysteresis in an adhesive, nominally flat punch: A combined numerical and experimental study

Müller, Christian | Samri, Manar | Hensel, René | Arzt, Eduard | Müser, Martin H.

Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids , 2023, 174 105260.

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Film-Terminated Fibrillar Microstructures with Improved Adhesion on Skin-like Surfaces

Moreira Lana, Gabriela | Zhang, Xuan | Müller, Christian | Hensel, René | Arzt, Eduard

ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces , 2022, 14 (41), 46239-46251.

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Analytical and numerical results for the elasticity and adhesion of elastic films with arbitrary Poisson’s ratio and confinement

Müller, Christian | Müser, Martin H.

The Journal of Adhesion , 2022, 99 (4), 648-671.

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