Medica 2019: Improved healing of eardrum injuries with new adhesive structures

Visit us at this year’s Medica from 18 to 21 November in Düsseldorf. Discover the new, bio-inspired adhesive structures and concepts of the INM. Get in touch with us – at the joint stand “Research for the future” in hall three at stand D94.

At this year’s Medica, the INM will present its latest developments in the treatment of eardrum injuries and adhesion to the skin surface:  In cooperation with the University Hospital in Homburg, the INM scientists developed bioinspired adhesive structures that could support the healing of eardrum injuries. These results will be presented by the INM as part of the Leibniz Research Association for Health Technologies from 18 to 21 November in Düsseldorf.

More than 30 million people worldwide suffer eardrum injuries every year. It can lead to hearing loss if inadequately treated, which severely restricts patients’ quality of life. Smaller injuries can be treated by applying silicone or paper strips – larger perforations even require tissue transplantation. However, the tissues can slip. Inflammation can lead to too early dissolution of these transplants or permanently impair the auditory canal as a result of scarring during necessary surgical steps in the auditory canal. Then a further operation becomes necessary, which puts the patient under renewed strain.

The researchers expect that the new, bioinspired adhesive structures will provide a more gentle method for the treatment of such injuries. The properties of the material make it possible to apply the patch to sensitive tissue surfaces and enable adhesion over a longer period of time. And all this without the use of adhesive joints. The researchers also expect the special surface properties to shorten the healing process, improve the healing process and thus make the patient’s recovery more gentle.

Your experts at stand D94 in hall three

Dr. Klaus Kruttwig
Leibniz Institute for New Materials
Head Biocompatible Structures
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Gabriela Moreira Lana
Leibniz Institute for New Materials
Functional Microstructures
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