Virtual Mini-Symposium: “Bioprocessed and Bioinspired Materials”

20. October 2020 - 23. October 2020, Webinars

For the third time, INM is organizing a virtual mini-symposium, this time on “Bioprocessed and Bioinspired Materials”. In three lectures, international scientists will examine the topic from their respective perspectives.

Prof. André R. Studart, ETH Zürich, Switzerland
Prof. Wilfried Weber, University Freiburg, Germany
Prof. Amar Mohanty, University of Guelph, Canada

Webinar dates:

1 – Wednesday, 21 October 2020, 3:00 pm

“3D Printing of Bioinspired Materials
Prof. André R. Studart, ETH Zürich, Switzerland
Host: Prof. Aránzazu del Campo
Abstract: 201021 Abstract Studart
Webinar link:

2 – Thursday, 22 October 2020, 3:00 pm

“Synthetic Biological Strategies to Design Functional Materials”
Prof. Wilfried Weber, University of Freiburg, Germany
Host: Prof. Aránzazu del Campo
Abstract: 201022 Abstract Weber
Webinar link:

3 – Friday, 23 October 2020, 3:00 pm

“Sustainable Materials Potentials through Circular Economy – Why We Need Them Now in Mitigating Climate Change!”
Prof. Amar Mohanty, University of Guelph, Canada
Host: Prof. Aránzazu del Campo
Webinar link:


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