Improve-Stem meets at MSE Congress


On 24 September, the Improve-stem consortium, of which INM is a member, is organizing a virtual symposium on the occasion of the MSE congress (Darmstadt) entitled: “B04: Cell culture substrates: new surfaces for stem cell proliferation (B: Biomaterials)” 

The symposium will focus on the progress made after 3 years of project work on the development of new substrates for stem cell culture.

The application of stem cells in medicine requires the availability of sufficient cells from culture. A critical material aspect of such cultures is the substrate that carries the growing cells. The substrate should foster the proliferation of viable cells, be compatible with bioreactors for stem cell production, enable the release of the cells without damage, and remain stable over long cultivation periods. This symposium will discuss all materials that are used for such substrates, the modification of their surfaces, their effect on cell growth and stem cell cultivation, interactions of the material with fluids and walls in the reactor, and all other related issues.

On this occasion, the consortium invites Ms Catherine Picart as Keynote speaker. Ms Picart is a research engineer, head of the Health Department and director of fundamental research at the CEA in Grenoble. Her main work focuses on the development of biomimetic biomaterials. The topic of her presentation is “Biomimetic and bioactive coatings: from fundamental understanding to pre-clinical applications”

The symposium will be organized in the frame of the Materials Science and Engineering Congress (MSE) that will be held from 22 to 25 September 2020 online. With more than 1,500 participants, the biannual MSE is one of the largest English speaking congresses in the field of Material Science and Engineering across Europe. Over the past decade, MSE has become an international platform for materials science and engineering experts to present their research to a large international community and to network across borders.

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