Colorful – Small – Everywhere. Microplastic from the river into the sea

11.06.2021 NTNM-Library
11.06.2021 , NTNM-Library

The opening of the exhibition “Colorful – Small – Everywhere. Microplastics from the river to the sea” will take place on Friday, 11.06.2021 at 15:00, in the NTNM Library as a closed event. The exhibition will be open until July 31.

The exhibition is on loan from the Leibniz Institute for Baltic Sea Research Warnemünde (IOW). It was created as part of the BMBF-funded joint project MicroCatch_Balt. The exhibition is an action of the NTNM library within the program “One University – One Book” at the Saarland University.

One university – one book

The exhibition is the NTNM Library’s contribution to the program “One University – One Book” of the Donors’ Association for the Promotion of Sciences and Humanities in Germany and the Klaus Tschirra Foundation. Under the leadership of Dr. Kathrin Fuhrmann (HIPS) and Prof. Gerhard Wenz (Organic and Macromolecular Chemistry at the UdS), Saarland University has successfully applied for the second time. The idea of the program is that as many actors as possible at a university exchange ideas, develop positions and discuss with each other over two semesters from their respective working environments and their own perspectives on a proposed book. Saarbrücken University was successful this year with the book “Das Blaue Wunder” by marine biologist Frauke Bagusche.

The Blue Wonder

“Although two-thirds of our planet is covered with oceans,which form the largest ecosystem on earth, we still have very little knowledge about what goes on in the sea. Yet we owe it nothing less than our very existence, because the oxygen in every second breath which we inhale, is produced by marine microalgae – and it doesn’t matter whether you breathe the air in Munich, Cologne or on Usedom…”
The blue wonder : why the sea glows, fish sing, and our relationship with the sea is so special ; amazing insights into a mysterious world / Frauke Bagusche.- 2nd ed.- Munich: Ludwig Verlag, 2019.- ISBN 978-3-453-28111-0

Colorful – Small – Everywhere. Microplastic from the river into the sea

The NTNM library would like to contribute by drawing attention to the endangerment of our environment and waters by the omnipresent plastic flood. The travelling exhibition “Colorful – Small – Everywhere. Microplastics from the River into the Sea” provided by the Leibniz Institute for Baltic Sea Research Warnemünde (IOW) for this purpose. It emerged from the BMBF-funded joint project MicroCatch_Balt, in which the microplastic sinks and sources were investigated for the Warnow catchment area into the open Baltic Sea. The exhibition features an interactive multi-touch table to visualize the scientific work within the MicroCatch_Balt project. Additionally, initial project results, with six large-format posters show general information on the pollution of the oceans by microplastics.

Avoiding plastic in everyday life

A product and book exhibition by the student staff of the NTNM library will complement the program. Under the leadership of Alexandra Kireenko, plastic-free alternative products are shown for everyday products that contain microplastics and that we consume every day. Under the topic of sustainable action, additional offers and services are planned by the group which will be shown during the year.

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Many thanks

To the Leibniz Institute for Baltic Sea Research Warnemünde (IOW) for providing the exhibition exhibits.
We thank the Ministry of Environment and Consumer Protection of Saarland for bearing the costs for transport and insurance of the exhibition exhibits.


Elke Bubel
Head of NTNM library
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Alexandra Kireenko
Specialist for Media and Information Services / Library (in training)
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