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M.Sc. Bartosz Henryk Szczefanowicz
Doctoral Student Interactive Surfaces
Phone: +49 (0)681-9300-238


Beitrag in referierter Zeitschrift

Klimm, DetlefSzczefanowicz, BartoszWolff, NoraBickermann, Matthias. Phase diagram studies for the growth of (Mg,Zr):SrGa12O19 crystals. Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry 2022, 147 7133–7139.

Vortrag (eingeladen)

Szczefanowicz, BartoszLiu, ZhaoKrämer, GüntherBennewitz, RolandKuwahara, TakuyaMayrhofer, LeonhardKlementz, AndreasMoseler, Michael. Nanoscale friction on 2D materials - from solid lubrication to covalent adhesion. Conference on "Dissipation Mechanisms in Nano/Mesoscale Tribological Systems", ICTP Trieste, Jay 30 - June 2, 2022, Trieste


Liu, ZhaoSzczefanowicz, BartoszLopes, MarcelGeorge, AntonyBennewitz, Roland. Compressive strain in stacked 2D materials: from proximity to metastable hybridization. SPP 2244 Mid-term report meeting, March 21-23, 2022, Dresden
Szczefanowicz, BartoszMayrhofer, LeonhardKlemenz, AndreasMoseler, MichaelBennewitz, Roland. Inception of covalent bonds and nanoscale kinetic friction of graphene/SiC under increasing contact pressure. WTC 2022 - 7th World Tribology Congress, July 10-15, 2022, Lyon
Szczefanowicz, BartoszMayrhofer, LeonhardKlemenz, AndreasMoseler, MichaelBennewitz, Roland. Kinetic nanoscale friction and intermittent hybridization in graphene stacks on SiC. DPG Spring Meeting, SurfaceSicnece 2021, March 01-04, 2021, Virtual