Dr. Mohammad Jilavi

Research Scientist
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Water-based silica coatings: An environmentally friendly process on an industrial scale of single-layer anti-reflective coatings for large substrates
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An environmentally friendly approach to produce single-layer anti-reflective coatings on large surfaces using wet chemical method

Kócs, Lenke | Jilavi, Mohammad H. | Koch, Marcus | Oliveira, Peter William de

Ceramics International , 2020, 46 (16, Part A), 25865-25872.

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Dual functional porous anti-reflective coatings with a photocatalytic effect based on a single layer system
A novel wet coating method using small amounts of solution on large flat substrates

Mousavi, Sayed Hadi | Jilavi, Mohammad H. | May, Alexander | Schmitt, Karl Peter | Schäfer, Bruno | Oliveira, Peter William de

Applied Surface Science , 2017, 419 753-757.

Carboxylic acids and esters as scaffold for cavities in porous single layer anti-reflective coatings of silica-titania with excellent optical and mechanical properties

de Carvalho Menezes, Elisabete H. S. | König, Peter | Jilavi, Mohammad H. | Oliveira, Peter William de | Alves, Severino

Materials Sciences and Applications , 2014, 5 (11), 783-788.

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Synthesis and characterization of aluminum doped zinc oxide nanostructures via hydrothermal route

Al-Kahlout, Amal | Al-Dahoudi, Naji | Grobelsek, Ingrid | Jilavi, Mohammad H. | Oliveira, Peter William de

Journal of Materials , 2014, 2014 235638.

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Formation and properties of cadmium sulfide buffer layer for CIGS solar cells grown using hot plate bath deposition

Mousavi, Sayed Hadi | Jilavi, Mohammad H. | Müller, Thomas S. | Oliveira, Peter William de

Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics , 2014, 25 (6), 2786-2794.

Sol-gel derived nanocomposites for optical applications
Development of a Transparent Scratch Resistant Coating through Direct Oxidation of Al-Coated Glass 

Mousavi, Sayed Hadi | Jilavi, Mohammad H. | Koch, Marcus | Arzt, Eduard | Oliveira, Peter William de

Advanced Engineering Materials , 1970, 19 (1), 1600617 - 1-7.