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AussenansichtNTNM Library is the joint library of the Faculty of Science and Technology (NT) of Saarland University and INM – Leibniz Institute for New Materials. It is open to students and members of the university and INM as well as to external interested parties.
NTNM Library, Campus C6 2 – 66123 Saarbrücken. Further information: www.ntnm-bib.de

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Dipl-Bibl. M.A. Bubel, Elke 4
Head NTNM Library
Division: NTNM Library
Phone: +49 (0)681-9300-376
Dipl.-Bibl. Geith, Uwe 2
Stellv. Leiter NTNM-Bibliothek
Division: NTNM Library
Phone: +49 (0)681-9300-278