29. Jun 2023, INM, Saarbrücken
  Tomorrow’s contact lenses will leverage our capabilities to perceive and interact with the world around us. Augmented reality contact lenses will enable navigation and communication without the need of visible hardware. Contact lenses that sense, monitor and treat diseases will open new paradigms for health management and personalized therapies while being imperceptible to the wearer. Although many of these technologies have reached the prototype phase, their translation into viable commercial devices is not trivial. New functions need to be integrated into devices of highest comfort and ecologically responsible manufacture to ensure widespread consumer adoption.

We invite industry leaders to join us and discuss the opportunities and challenges in this field, and to form collaborations for the successful translation of smart contact lens technologies into everyday use. In seminars and discussion tables, we will explore the latest advances in device design, technology integration and materials engineering.
Register today and be part of the future of contact lenses! Please note: We also offer to join the lectures online. Please indicate this on your registration form. We will send you the link to the event in due time. TechTransferDay: Smart Contact Lenses - Embedded Technologies beyond Vision 10  


  • REGISTRATION FEE for on-site or online participation: 200 EUR
  TechTransferDay: Smart Contact Lenses - Embedded Technologies beyond Vision 6TechTransferDay: Smart Contact Lenses - Embedded Technologies beyond Vision 7          
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09. May 2023, From 14:00 : Campus D2 2, Alte Bibliothek
Prof. Dr. Cornelius Schwarz Universität Tübingen The Slip hypothesis: Temporally Local Coding and Perception of Tactile Stimuli in Rodents and Humans Prof. Dr. Christoph Braun Universität Tübingen und University University of Trento, Italy Beyond the Basics: Exploring the Dynamic Nature of the Somatosensory System Details…
02. Sep 2019 - 13. Sep 2019, Saarland University
The purpose of this laboratory class is to introduce you to colloids and nanomaterials made from suspensions. A strong focus is on small nanoparticles and clusters, but you will work with larger particles as they are used in ceramics production, too. An important principle of this class is the pathway from chemical synthesis over subsequent characterization to final material preparation. Please contact for further information: Prof. Tobias Kraus Lehrstuhl für Kolloid- und Grenzflächenchemie praktikum-kolloide@uni-saarland.de