Research activities

Nanocomposite Technology

This research field comprises Program Divisions with a prevailing chemical-synthetic orientation. The focus is placed on material development by chemical methods and by use of nanoparticles. Central topics are materials, coatings and bulk materials with optical, electro-optical, tribological and protective functions. The research ranges from the basic material development to their customization and transfer into applications. The field is composed of the following groups:

Interface Materials

The research field “Interface Materials” combines research topics with an increased orientation in materials physics. The focus is placed on materials in their interaction with other surfaces. Central topics are new ways of patterning, physical mechanisms on surfaces, controllable adhesion and friction as well as biomimetic concepts. The field comprises the following groups:

Bio Interfaces

The research field “Bio Interfaces” deals with questions related to materials in the context of biology and medicine. The focus is placed on an improved understanding of the processes occurring at the interface between materials research and life sciences. The subjects range from surfaces for medical applications to the development of renewable materials and investigations in the field of nano-safety. The field comprises the following groups:

Cross Linking Activities

Two additional Program Divisions support the research fields regarding questions of modelling and simulation and the technological realization of research ideas: