Research assistent for next generation material science

Want to drive modern tissue engineering & bio-imaging techniques to reveal how nature develops unique adhesive high performance-materials?

The INM’s research group Dynamic Biomaterials investigates the mystery how nature manufactures high performance materials.

The gecko´s adhesive toe pad structures display in its nanoscale dimension extraordinary mechanical features, which we have not yet been able to recreate synthetically.

To support this topic, we seek a highly motivated student as a research assistant for up to 16 h per week (max.) to push forward modern techniques in tissue engineering and super-resolution imaging to  visualize and investigate the mechanism behind the formation of the gecko´s sticky toe pads.

You have:

  • interest in biophysics, biology, bioscience or related fields
  • interest in the physics behind: imaging, natural materials, biological phenomenons
  • a high motivation, creativity, and flexibility, as well as a structured and independent way of working

You get:

  • insight in a highly dynamic and international research group. You will work side by side with your international colleagues on eye level in an environment that gives ideal conditions to push your future career.
  • Insight in state of the art tissue engineering & super-resolution imaging
  • Chance to drive next generation tissue engineering & imaging techniques

The INM is an equal opportunity employer with a certified family-friendly policy. We promote professional opportunities for women and strongly encourage them to apply. Severely disabled applicants with equal qualification and aptitude will be given preferential consideration. Deadline will be the 14. January 2022.