Master Student Required (Genetic Engineering/Molecular Biology)

The INM – Leibniz-Institut für Neue Materialien is looking for a MASTER STUDENT (at least 6 months, full-time) who would be interested in doing the thesis in the research group of Bioprogrammable Materials.

Major duties/responsibilities:

  • Genetic engineering of stimuli-responsive production of a therapeutic protein in B. subtilis
    and lactic acid bacteria by designing and incorporating various genetic modules
    in plasmids and bacterial chromosomes.
  • Analysis and optimization of release profiles and bioactivity of the therapeutic
    protein from the modified bacteria. This could also involve in vitro experiments with
    mammalian cells.
  • Encapsulation of bacteria in hydrogels and analysis of their performance.
  • Possible participation in other research activities.

The Bioprogrammable Materials group works at the intersection of Synthetic Biology and Biomaterials. The major focus of the group is on the development of materials with genetically programmed functionalities capable of stimuli-responsive long-term drug release, manipulation of cell behavior, and biosensing. Synthetic Biology employs the use of DNA manipulation tools to engineer genetic circuits that can be used to develop microbes and proteins with smart functionalities. These genetically programmed entities are then incorporated with polymeric matrices to create composite materials with dynamic and smart functionalities for biomedical applications.

Potential candidates should be undertaking a Master’s degree in biotechnology, biochemistry, microbiology or related fields, with practical experience in bacterial genetic engineering. Candidates should be self-motivated with good interpersonal and communication skills in English for working in a multi-national environment.

The INM is an equal-opportunity employer with a certified family-friendly policy. We promote professional opportunities for women and strongly encourage them to apply. Severely disabled applicants with equal qualification and aptitude will be given preferential consideration.

The deadline for submission is December 20st, 2021. The starting date would ideally be some time in November (some flexibility). Interested candidates should submit their application (in PDF format) by email to Dr. Shrikrishnan Sankaran (Group leader; and Marc Blanch Asensio (PhD student; The application should include a motivation letter, CV, academic transcripts and contact details of a least 1 reference.
More information about our research can be found here.

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