Processes, techniques and characterization methods

We have an extensive, modern equipment and machine portfolio: various coating, structuring and production systems, roll-to-roll systems, possibilities for particle synthesis, lacquer production and testing as well as instrumentation for material characterization that enable us to adapt materials and production processes.

    Tests for corrosion protection

    For testing accelerated corrosion / weathering according to diverse norms:
    Various devices from ERICHSEN and ASCOTT for testing the resistance against weathering / corrosion, i.e. salt spray, condensation and change tests (in combination with cold, dry heating and oscillating spraying).
    Devices from Q-LAB for testing sunlight, rain and dew resistance of coated metal sheets.

    Roll-to-roll coating systems

    Pilot systems for the continuous coating of flexible foil webs with solvent-containing coating materials in a roll-to-roll process (diverse possibilities for material application, UV-curing, embossing) (Jakob Weiss & Söhne; Werner Mathis AG).

    CVD-/PVD systems

    PVD/CVD systems (PLASMA ELECTRONIC GmbH): diverse plasma systems for cleaning, activating, plasma etching and coating via (IR)-CVD, PECVD and PVD (RF-Sputtering and PLD).

    Preparation of dispersions and lacquers

    Dispersers (AE11, AE6) for the dispersion and fine milling in different sizes; temperature regulated vessels, immersion basket mills, diverse dissolver discs and pearl mill units.
    Laboratory mixing system SpeedMixer DAC 600.2 VAC-P for reproducible rapid mixing, dispersion and milling of different substances.

    Spray coating cabin

    Spray coating cabin with supply and exhaust air that enables manual or robot spray coating.

    Physical analytics

    The service group Physical Analytics covers electron optical and X-ray analytical investigations for all research departments of INM, research groups of Saarland University and external partners.

    Chemical analytics

    The service group Chemical Analytics offers a broad range of analytical services in the fields of chromatography, mass spectrometry and atomic spectrometry for the research departments of INM.