Our expertise covers coating, structuring and production techniques for innovative surfaces and materials. We have decade-long experience in production and surface modification of particle systems on micro and nano range, the formulation and production of lacquers and coating systems, their application and characterization. Inspired by current and future challenges, we focus on topics like microstructured surfaces, hybrid functional materials, soft and elastic materials and coatings for electronics, life sciences and process technology.

    Coating technologies

    Development of coating systems and processes for applications like corrosion protection, scratch resistance, easy to clean surfaces, reduction of friction, security traits, variation of reflection and more.

    Energy materials

    Materials and scalable systems for efficient demineralization of sea water as well as brackish water by electrocapacitive processes.

    Gripper- and handling systems

    Specifically structured surfaces as novel principle for switchable adhesion with high energy efficiency and functionality even in vacuum enable innovative pick&place processes.

    New materials for electronics

    Diverse technologies for different requirements in the field of printed electronics:

    • Transparent circuits based on conductive oxides like indium tin oxide (ITO) via ink-jet or gravure printing.
    • Finest circuits with low resistance by photochemical silver deposition
    • Sintering-free hybrid inks based on self-organizing noble metal particle systems
    • Electrospinning of transparent electrodes by silver deposition on electrospun nanofibers
    Materials for Life Science
    • In situ forming hydrogels for cell encapsulation based on triggerable reactions at physiological conditions
    • Bioinks for 3D bioprinting microtissues: specialized microenvironments for individual cell types
    • Bioinspired printable tissue glues for minimal surgery
    • Active medical scaffolds: light-guided regeneration and therapeutics