The Program Division Nano Cell Interactions explores the effects of engineered nanoobjects on human cells to enable safe applications of nanomaterials in technical and biomedical fields. It strives to understand how particle properties influence structure and biochemistry of the cells and to elucidate mechanisms that affect the uptake or location of nanoobjects with the purpose to pave the way for the design of safer nanomaterials.

In support of a publicly funded project, as of now, we are seeking to fill an open position for a scientific co-worker or postdoc with a degree in
or another related science field.

The project focuses on the development and testing of quality standards and curation criteria for data in the field of nanosafety research. Such standards and criteria are necessary to provide reproducible data suitable for re-use in different context. Specifically, the detection of nanomaterials in biological systems to determine structural mechanisms of action, the exposure of biological target tissues as well as toxicologically relevant mechanisms and effects are considered.
Your duties comprise the analysis of existing procedures and protocols for an estimation of quality and re-usability as well as their transfer into a standardised format. Further investigations aim at identifying the most suitable time for acquisition of required metadata, considering the life-cycle of research data. An additional question is, whether electronic lab notebooks are appropriate for this task.

Candidates should be interested in research on nanosafety. Previous experience with the application of the required analytical and biological techniques is a benefit. Candidates should be self-motivated, have good communication and presentation skills, and the ability to work independently as a member of a multi-disciplinary team. Proficiency in German and in English is required.

Interested candidates should submit their complete application via e-mail before September 3rd, 2019 addressed to Dr. Annette Kraegeloh under

The INM – Leibniz Institute for New Materials -located in Saarbrücken/Germany- is an internationally leading center for materials research, a scientific partner to national and international research institutions, and a provider of research and development for companies throughout the world. It is an institute of the Leibniz Association and has about 250 employees.

The INM is an equal-opportunity employer with a certified family-friendly policy. We promote professional opportunities for women and strongly encourage them to apply. Salary and working hours are in accordance with the German state public service salary scale (TV-L) and the accordant social benefits. Full time jobs can be generally divided.

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