Project Support and Technology Transfer

Project Support and Technology Transfer (PS&TT) is responsible for the administrative handling of the initiation of projects and INM property rights. PS&TT combines the concerns of the scientific projects with the regulatory requirements for the individual activities. For this purpose, PS&TT has both commercial and scientific expertise and operates at the interface between the scientists and the management of the INM as well as external partners from public and industrial sectors. In addition, PS&TT is responsible for safeguarding the results of research, in particular through patents, and thus supports any possible commercial implementation of innovations by the particular industrial customer.



Dr. Geerkens, Marcus
Phone: +49 (0)681-9300-227

    Project Support

    PS&TT is the point of contact for all matters surrounding the implementation of research projects with third-party funding. We advise here on funding options and maintain close contact with providers of third-party funds (e.g. Federal Ministry of Education and Research, German Research Foundation, EU). We provide administrative support to the individual areas of research and their partners in submitting research proposals and oversee them through the approval process up to the completion of the associated funding and cooperation agreements.

    Contract management

    Working in close cooperation with the management, we negotiate and look after all contracts relating to the delivery of scientific projects. The range of tasks begins with the memorandum of understanding and non-disclosure agreements, covers research and development contracts and cooperation agreements, and extends through to licensing agreements. Our national and international partners come from both science and industry.

    Technology transfer

    The non-university research institutions in Germany have significant potential for innovation thanks to the cutting-edge research they carry out in many different areas. As well as international scientific cooperations, our concept for exploiting the INM’s potential for innovation envisages, among other things, safeguarding basic research results at an early stage through industrial property rights so that projects with third-party funding can be carried out on this legally secure basis. Industrially driven commissioned research plays a special role here as the further development of a technology platform through to the specific product innovation takes place in such bilateral projects. The INM customer receives a licence to the product innovation that is created, and this allows it to safeguard and defend its market advantage over competitors.