Gender Equality

The INM actively offers equal opportunities for women and men. It supports the objectives of the Leibniz Association for equal opportunities and is committed to adhering to the “Research-Oriented Standards on Gender Equality” of the DFG. The team for audit and equal opportunities at the institute supports and provides advice to the INM management in this process.


Dr. Sauer-Hormann, Christina 1
Assistant to the CEO
Phone: +49 (0)681-9300-505
    Audit Certificate „berufundfamilie“

    In 2012, INM received the certificate “audit berufundfamilie” recognizing the institute as a family-friendly employer. With the renewed certification in 2015, INM has committed itself to the implementation of an extensive catalogue of further family-oriented and health-conducive measures. Essential topics are child care and caring for relatives.

    Promotion of young researchers

    The INM promotes the interests of girls and young women in science and technology as well as corresponding jobs. It offers practical training and Girls’ Day particularly for schoolgirls and schoolboys as well as practical training, Bachelor and Master theses or research assistant jobs for students. The institute also engages in vocational training, particularly for technical and administrative jobs.

    Equal opportunities

    The INM is determined to promote female employees and to further increase their percentage particularly in the field of science and in management positions. Special emphasis is placed on staff recruitment and the targeted support of women already employed at the institute. As an institute of the Leibniz Association, the INM has implemented flexible target values (cascade model). The institute features an equality plan, which is valid from 2014 to 2017.

    Advice and information, networking

    The INM team for audit and equal opportunities provides advice and additional information for the employees of the institute regarding the topics of gender equality and reconciliation of work and family life. Additional information can be found on the intranet and notice boards. The team for audit and equal opportunities works closely together with the Equal Opportunities Working Group of the Leibniz Association and the Equal Opportunities Office and the Counselling Department for Equal Opportunities of the neighboring Saarland University.