InnovationCenter INM

The INM is where leading scientists develop new materials and processes. The InnovationCenter INM enables your company to access these results, skilled expertise and capabilities. We take the time to analyze your requirements and identify the technology platforms and experts from the INM that will benefit you the most.

Your contact persons

    Cooperation: development and consultation

    The INM conducts research into customized microstructured and nanostructured materials and surfaces, for example for improved energy efficiency, printed electronics, medical surfaces, optical applications, and applications in the oil and consumer goods industries. InnovationCenter INM adapts these technology platforms to cater for your particular requirements. We work with you to establish the scope of the cooperation – whether it be a one-off assignment or a long-term partnership. The InnovationCenter INM has the staff, facilities and equipment required for upscaling, process development, plant development, and quality assurance.

    Processing: combination of material design and manufacturing process

    In InnovationCenter INM technical facility we develop and scale materials and processes for your company from the laboratory to the pilot phase. We offer you chemical process technology, polymer processing, structuring, coating, particle synthesis and other production methods:

    • We know and understand production processes and develop materials that are compatible with them.
    • Materials scientists and process engineers at the Innovation center of the INM work close together.

    Together, we create new materials to reduce your process costs and enhance product quality.

    Modern analytical methods

    We analyze properties of materials and precursors for you, for example

    • adhesion, corrosion protection, heat transfer, porosity and permeability of coatings,
    • transmission, refractive index and haze of optical layers,
    • conductivity, transparency and aging of electronic layers,
    • particle size distribution, charge, stability, structure and cytotoxicity of nanoparticles,
    • rheology, molecular mass distribution and composition of polymers and coatings,
    • microstructure and nanostructure of layers, solid materials and biological samples.

    Dedicated service groups perform chemical and physical analytics and can provide you with sample preparation techniques, gas chromatography, NMR, atom emission and atom absorption spectroscopy, high-resolution and in-situ electron microscopy, X-ray diffractometry, X-ray spectrometric elemental analysis, nanoindentation and most scanning probe methods.