17. December 2019 14:11:

Sholarships in California

The INM awards two scholarships for a research internship in materials science at the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB). The internship will take place from June to August 2020 (9 weeks) as part of the ICMR Undergraduate Research Internship Program between the UCSB, Saarland University and the INM.Details…
11. December 2019 12:11:

Another Humboldt Award Winner at INM

The Humboldt Research Award is granted to scientists who have had a lasting impact on their field of research. Humboldt Laureate Prof. Nigel Browning, one of the world's leading experts in the field of electron microscopy, will spend his scientific stay at the INMDetails…
09. November 2019 09:42:

Publications in October

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02. November 2019 11:00:

Latest publications

Here you can see our latest publications in December. Contact: NTNM-Bibliothek
04. October 2019 09:48:

Publications in September

Here you can see our publications in September.
04. October 2019 07:00:

Professor Niels de Jonge was honored by the Microscopy Society of America

For his publication "The influence of beam broadening on the spatial resolution of Annular dark field scanning transmission electron microscopy" he received the Best Software and Instrumentation Paper Award.Details…
02. October 2019 11:57:

Respiration-like stretching of lung cells in cell culture model influences their reaction on nanoparticles

Researchers of the Leibniz Research Alliance Nanosafety, Saarland University and TU Dortmund analysed a cell culture model that mimics the real conditions a little closer – they grew human lung cells on flexible surfaces that were stretched in a respiration-like mode. Lung cells that were stretched reacted in a way that resembled an inflammatory response.
03. September 2019 09:55:

Publications in July

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01. September 2019 12:00:

Publications in August

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12. August 2019 11:01:

Publications in June

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15. July 2019 10:25:

Preview upcoming colloquia winter semester 2019/20

29.10.2019 Prof. Dr. Matthias Epple, University of Duisburg-Essen17.12.2019 Prof. Dr. Laura De Laporte, DWI – Leibniz Institute for Interactive Materials, Aachen Prof. Dr. Catherine Picart, Grenoble Institute of Technology, France Dr. Seraphine Wegner, Max-Planck-Institute for Polymer Research, Mainz Dr. Marie Weinhart, Free University of BerlinDetails…
11. July 2019 11:47:

Publications in May

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06. June 2019 10:21:

Publications in April

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29. May 2019 10:13:

New DFG Eigene Stelle project at INM

The Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) will support the chemist Dr. Julieta Paez and a PhD student to develop green crosslinking reactions to form polymeric networks.Details…
06. May 2019 13:28:

Annual Report 2018

The annual report 0f 2018 has been published.Details…
30. April 2019 10:40:

Publications in March

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01. April 2019 09:45:

Publications in February

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13. March 2019 09:30:

Girls‘ Day 2019: Understanding and modifying surfaces

Girls from grade 8-10 will have the opportunity to conduct research at the INM labs as part of the Girls’ Day on March 28. Details…
12. March 2019 09:20:

Publications in January

Here you can see our publications in January.
13. February 2019 12:20:

New family room for better work-life-balance

A new family room offers INM employees with children or relatives in need of care a further opportunity to reconcile work and family life – especially in the case of short-term care bottlenecks. Details…
17. January 2019 12:55:

Review: Resolution and aberration correction in liquid cell transmission electron microscopy

Liquid cell electron microscopy possesses a combination of spatial and temporal resolution that provides a unique view of static structures and dynamic processes in liquids. Optimizing the resolution in liquids requires consideration of both the microscope performance and the properties of the sample. The new review article examines the different parameters for optimizing the resolution.Details…
09. January 2019 10:50:

Publications in December

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09. January 2019 10:45:

Publications in November

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06. November 2018 12:35:

Publications in September

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29. October 2018 13:16:

How to make nanoparticles move inside a solid material

Inside most materials, little is moving. But a new “active nanocomposite” is teeming with motion: small particles connect or separate, thus changing the color of the entire material. Details…
01. October 2018 11:05:

“Material in the process” – Cooperation between the HBK and the INM

For the first time there will be a lecture of the University of Fine Arts Saar in cooperation with the Leibniz Institute for New Materials in the winter semester 2018/19. Details…
04. September 2018 10:35:

Publications in August

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28. August 2018 12:35:

Toward Light‐Regulated Living Biomaterials – New Publication

In this publication an optoregulated Escherichia coli (E. coli)‐based living biomaterial that can be externally addressed using light to interact with mammalian cells is demonstrated.
08. August 2018 09:56:

Publications in July

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10. July 2018 09:20:

Art project at INM

Students of Leibniz-Gymnasium St. Ingbert displayed their artistic talent in response to the topic “innovation” at INM.Details…
01. July 2018 07:00:

Publications in June

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19. June 2018 12:35:

Publications in May

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